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Industrial Building Systems

Krista talks about a few main building systems that are rooted both in historic and contemporary industrial production possibilities.

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What is an architectural portfolio and why do you need one? What is the difference between Academic and Professional portfolio? Where to get started? How to put together a coherent and well…

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Studio 1 / Daniel Johansson / Bildverkan

Daniel Johansson from architectural praxis Byggfenomen shares their approach towards architectural production. First part of the lecture focuses on philosophy of world-making and the second part…

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110323 Westin: "Displa[y/c]ing science - Culture in the making"

Displa[y/c]ing science - Culture in the making Jonathan Westin The discrepancy between the scientific community's knowledge of antiquity and the representations that are mediated to the…

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081007 Wiberg: "Interactive Architecture and Interaction Landscaping"

Interactive Architecture and Interaction Landscaping Mikael Wiberg Institutionen för informatik Most recently the current trend of embedding small, networked computers into our physical…

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071211 Robles : "New Media and Architecture"

New Media and Architecture Erica Robles, Stanford Erica Robles är verksam vid Department of Communication på Stanford. I seminariet diskuteras området digitala medier och…

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180110 Steenson

Seminar with Molly Wright Steenson, Associate Professor, School of Design, Carnegie Mellon University, USA. What does architecture and design have to do with AI? Quite a lot, as it turns out. And as…

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