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240416 Raven: "Same planet, different worlds"

Same planet, different worlds: fictions, futures, fandoms, and the practice of worldbuildingDr. Paul Graham Raven is a writer, researcher and critical futures consultant, whose work is concerned with…

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231010 Hellström: "AI and the written word"

Thomas Hellström, Professor at Department of Computing Science The latest developments in AI have shaken the foundations of how text is created. It risks drastically reducing the need, ability,…

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231121 Highfield: "Studying platforms when platforms restrict access"

Studying platforms when platforms restrict access: Methods for critical digital media studiesTim Highfield, University of SheffieldHistorically, social and digital media platforms have given…

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231109 Tolgensbakk: "Doing old-fashioned (field)work in new social spaces"

Doing old-fashioned (field)work in new social spaces Ida Tolgensbakk:, Norwegian Museum of Cultural History This talk is a collaboration between Humlab and ethnology (the department of culture and…

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230209 Bergenmar: "Queerlit"

Jenny Bergenmar, Professor of Literature Science at University of Gothenburg This event was a collaboration between Humlab, The higher seminar in literature science, and Sveriges…

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220914 Jancovic: "The format as a mask - Tracing online practices of video reformatting"

The format as a mask - Tracing online practices of video reformattingMarek Jancovic AbstractAll content uploaded to YouTube is automatically scanned for copyright infringements. But up until a few…

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220330 Queer in AI

Queer in AI: Making AI Queer-Inclusive and Prioritizing Grassroots D&I Activism Arjun Subramonian, Ashwin, Hetvi, Sharvani Jha Trustworthy artificial intelligence (AI) has become an important…

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220310 Brügger: "What is in a web archive?"

What’s in a web archive? Three cases of web history, a close, middle and distant readingNiels Brügger, Aarhus UniversityThis lecture will introduce web archiving and web archives, and give…

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220309 Delano & Albert: "The Whole Thing Smacks Of Gender"

The Whole Thing Smacks Of Gender: Algorithmic Exclusion In Body Composition Analysis And BeyondMaggie Delano & Kendra Albert Companies such as Withings and Fitbit tout composition analysis as…

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211202 Hammarlin, Kokkinakis, Miegel: "Rumour Mining"

Rumour Mining Mia-Marie Hammarlin, Dimitrios Kokkinakis och Fredrik Miegel This presentation draws on our recent work within the 4-year (2020–2023) mixed methods project financed by…

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210318 "Text mining of parliamentary data: Practices of Parliament"

Documenting parliamentary debates can be tricky. On the one hand, a record of discussions needs to be true and authentic, and on the other hand such a record is always an interpretation – to be…

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190214 Lind: "Mobile Phone Orchestra"

Mobile Phone Orchestra Anders Lind, Dept. of Creative Studies is a web based platform under development by composer/ researcher Anders Lind at the Department of Creative…

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141002 Klein: "Feminist Data Visualization"

Feminist Data Visualization Lauren Klein School of Literature, Media, and Communication at Georgia Institute of Technology

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191211 Bode: "Literary history with mass-digitised collections: Reading (in) the past"

Literary history with mass-digitised collections: Reading (in) the past Katherine Bode, Australian National University In Australia in the 19th and early 20th centuries, newspapers were the main…

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191118 Ess: "Love, Sex, G*d, and Power: Being/becoming human in an AI world"

Love, Sex, G*d, and Power: Being/becoming human in an AI World Charles Ess, Oslo University

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191113 Ess: "Research ethics 3.0 when using data from the Internet"

Research ethics 3.0 when using data from the Internet Charles Ess, Oslo University"How can researchers ethically use data from the Internet? What are good practices and examples, what are the…

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