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Joanna Bryson: Is there an AI Cold War?

Joanna Bryson is a Professor of Ethics and Technology at the Hertie School, Berlin, Germany Abstract: Regulation is a means societies use to create the stability, public goods, and infrastructure…

From  Tatyana Sarayeva on October 18th, 2021 1 plays 0  

Pieter Verdegem: AI for Everyone?

Pieter Verdegem is a Senior Lecturer at Westminister School of Media and Communication and a member of CAMRI (the Communication and Media Research Institute). Abstract: We are entering a new era of…

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Simon Lindgren: Beyond AI Solutionism: Towards a Multi-Disciplinary Approach to AI in Society

Simon Lindgren is a Professor in Sociology at Umeå University and the director of DIGSUM, an interdisciplinary academic research centre studying the social dimensions of digital technology, and…

From  Tatyana Sarayeva on September 16th, 2021 6 plays 0